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Ebony pipe

Ebony pipe

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How to fill tobacco
The most commonly used and proven technique is the "three-tier method."
The first layer: Gently knead the tobacco into the bowl until it overflows naturally. Then use the "child's hand
Force ”, press gently with your fingers until half full (use your fingers to better sense and control the force, which is
Can't be reached by sticks and other dead objects).
The second layer: knead and sprinkle the tobacco, add to the overflow, and then use "woman's hand" to press 2/3 to 3/4 bucket full.
The third layer: rubbing and sprinkling tobacco, add to overflow, and then use "man's hand" to squeeze the surface layer.
Finally, use your fingers to test whether the filled tobacco has "elasticity".

It means that the packing is too tight; if it collapses with one press, it means that it is too loose.

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