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Argyle Briefcase LLC

Light Luxury Diamond-encrusted Crystal Wine Glass

Light Luxury Diamond-encrusted Crystal Wine Glass

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Product information:

Product category: red wine glass
Material: glass
Style: light luxury
Color: luxury gray wine glass, luxury gray cocktail glass, luxury gray juice glass, luxury gray glass, amber gold wine glass, amber gold cocktail glass, amber gold juice glass, amber gold glass


Main selling point:
1. Diamond-encrusted crystal glass wine glass, the crystal luster matches the diamond luster, and the light luxury quality is fully displayed in life
2. Clear glass wall, full of original wine color, more attractive, can be used as red wine, wine, champagne, juice, cocktail glass
3. Ideal for swimming pools, patios, picnics, camping and other outdoor uses, can be easily packed in your luggage, travel bag or backpack, very convenient for travel

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