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Wine Diamond Rotary Decanter Household Sealed Jug With Lid

Wine Diamond Rotary Decanter Household Sealed Jug With Lid

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Product information:

This Aomori crystal decanter can be rotated around the center on its' carved base. A truly unique design ensures your decanter will spin smoothly for years to come. The cutting-edge design will blow you away every time you spin it. And spin it you will - you won't be able to stop.
This lead-free crystal decanter lets you aerate your wine to allow the flavors to develop. Or it is a great flex for top-shelf spirits... XO anybody?
You can own an exceptional piece of craftsmanship. Imagine it on your bar, on the kitchen counter, or in your office for a spectacular zoom call backdrop. Where will you display yours?
Order an extra one with the gift box for a sure-to-impress father's day gift, wedding gift, house warming present, or as a surprise for that special someone.

Name: Top Spinning Tumbler Decanter
Material: crystal glass + stainless steel
Color: clear crystal glass.

Diameter: 5.5cm
Diameter: 17. 5cm
Height: 28.0cm
Capacity: 1400ml
Height: 1.8cm
Diameter: 20cm

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